5 thoughts on “REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory”

  1. Brought 2 11yo boys and they had a blast! It’s a very comfortable place to hang out and watch your group play. Food was tasty and pretty reasonably priced. But considering only 1 person can play at a time, it was a rather expensive outing. We booked two hours so we could all play and ended up letting the kids have the majority of the time. Between figuring out how each game worked and the glitches between games, there was down time. But the staff was very attentive and worked hard to get us back up and running. If do it again, but probably not in a group of more than 2.

  2. Awesome experience for both of us, me and especially my 6 years old daughter. Yes, it seems expensive, but it is definitely worth trying at least, a couple of times. Staff is very friendly, place is spacious and clean, looking super high tech. I would recommend for sure and we will be come back again.

  3. We had such a good time as a fun MEA outing for the family (boys ages 12 and 15). The staff were very friendly and ready to help get you set up the whole time we were there. Super fun and we will definitely be back!

  4. Very fun time! went here for the Halloween special. I have done VR before but most places are overpriced. Here you have access to a huge library of games, and a very attentive and friendly staff. Having the pod space was really cool to just hang out with friends while playing. beer and other drink selection was good. For sure coming back.

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