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Redline VR

 Redline VR

 4702 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60640, USA

 +1 773-236-6868

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Virtual Reality Near Me – Wasilla,AK

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  • This place is a perfect space to work away from home. With everything going on, I like many others have been forced to work from home. Some of us can only handle being at the house for so many hours. And others of us get so distracted by things that need to be done in the home. Come here to become free of all those at home distractions and get your work done distraction free. The staff is super nice and they are doing a great job abiding by covid standards. The tables are super spread out and you get a whole space to yourself.

    It is so much better than a coffee shop because of the amount of space and the number of outlets. I always have a hard time finding outlets when I go to cafes and its seems like everybody coming in and out can be so distracting! At Redline VR, you really get your own little space and its so nice for focus!

    Not to mention it is beautifully designed! The bathroom is a nice surprise!

    Definitely a win win situation! Lucky for me, it is right around the corner from my house!

    As for the VR, I haven't tried it yet, but I am sure I will soon!

    If you need a distraction free desk space because you are tired of working from home this is definitely the place for you!

  • Its a very clean and fun place. The owner is super friendly and helpful. Great place if you want to drink and do some activities!

  • Great place to work during the day! Extremely affordable day passes available. Clean, quiet, well decorated.

  • LOVED this place’s vibe. Such a unique atmosphere, even in the restrooms! The owner was so accommodating of our large group and even showed our people who were new to VR how to use it without taking it out of our time! Will definitely come back and recommend this place to everyone. Well worth traveling, and it’s well priced too.

  • Super cute place with nice staff! We decided on this place last minute and they were really accommodating. I appreciate them a lot and will definitely be returning!!

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