5 thoughts on “Quality Inn Near Ft Meade”

  1. Wonderful staff! We stayed here after our original hotel was booked and our room had an issue. The staff immediately got us set up here and the room and bed were bigger than we actually requested. We had a warm breakfast each morning we stayed and the staff always greeted us when walking through the door. Our bed was super comfortable and the room smelled and felt clean. The shower actually had good water pressure and the towels smelled freshly washed. Highly recommend!

  2. The bedding was stained and dirty. There was USED toilet paper in the toilet. The walls were dirty. It smelled like a public bathroom in the hallway.

    100% do NOT recommend staying there. “Quality” is definitely not the word for this place

  3. NO HOT WATER, DIRTY. My room was near the woods with absolutely no lights. This place gives choice hotels a bad name. I would have put a zero if available. Key didn’t work and had to wait a half hour to get in

  4. I did not go inside my husband went inside and he said the set up is good… good customer service.

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