5 thoughts on “Mad Rex Restaurant and Virtual Reality Lounge”

  1. Visited yesterday for the first time.. absolutely great experience. If you love your food fresh and cooked to order you will live this place!!! Great service!! opposed to be

  2. The food is pretty good but the drinks are lacking in taste. I like how different and fun the place can be if you partake in playing games. Great atmosphere and vibe. They are never packed ( the two times I went Friday and a Saturday night ).

  3. You go for the experience. The themed bar/restaurant is fun, and always has great energy. If you’re heading to the Fillmore, it’s a fun stop. The food is average, and so are the drinks. I’ve never left complaining or raving about it.

  4. We arrived at 5:30 early for our 6pm Reservation, we had tickets for the Fimore at 7:30. We were asked to wait in the seating area which I thought odd as there seemed to be plenty of empty tables. We went to the seating area to wait, we were the only ones waiting. At 6:05 we still hadn’t been called so we went up to the podium to ask if they were ready for us, the hostess said he’s and sat is at a table that had been empty the whole time.

    After 15 minutes at the table we saw others that had been seated after us (and as soon as they walked in) had already placed their drink orders, but we still had not had anyone come to our table. I asked a passing manager if we could see our waiter and he grabbed Rob to come help us and bought us our first drink which was nice.

    Rob was very cordial and brought us out a complimentary appetizer of hummus and pita which was very good. We ordered the fingerling potatoes appetizer as well and two entrees.

    The appetizer came out about 645 at which point we let Rob know we had tickets at 730, he thanked us for letting him know. Appetizer was also very good.

    At 705 Rob came by again and told us he was going in the kitchen to make sure our food was out quickly. At 725 still no entrees, so we flagged the manager down and let him know we had to go to see our show. He apologized and told us not to worry about the appetizer we ordered, he would take care of it.

    Total time in the restaurant, 2 hours.

  5. First-rate atmosphere and very affable service. The food was crisp and delightful. Will easily recommend this spot to anyone. Fair rates and big portions. Keep up the great work.

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