5 thoughts on “Ctrl V”

  1. The great escape! This was my first time experiencing Virtual Reality, the staff was friendly, helpful and patient with me. This place is just full of smiles and laughter. I enjoyed having my own booth so I really felt like I was in another world. I tried Google Earth 🌏 being a native to Brooklyn NYC, it was nostalgic to take a walk down memory lane! Another favorite was Space Pirate & being an 80s kid, having a Laser & earning a shield to shoot space ships was right up my alley!

    I highly recommend this place! I even found out they do Birthday parties 🥳! Fun for social distancing! Clean and friendly!! I will be bringing my family back!

  2. My 11-year-old son and his friend had a blast. They loved it so much I purchased another hour of play for them. The place was pretty empty on Sunday afternoon, but I think that’s just because it’s so new and most people don’t know it’s in the Fox Run Shopping Center. We will definitely be going back soon. It’s a great place to take kids that are too old for Chuck E. Cheese but need to get out on a rainy afternoon. This type of gaming also involves quite a bit of physical activity so they got a good workout. The owner and the girl at the front desk were very friendly and accommodating. The place is very clean and modern. I highly recommend!

  3. So much fun!! Great first experience! Getting a hang of how you navigate and play with your friends was a challenge but we were given extra time for the lost time figuring it out. I’d definitely go again! Try Hungry Dead and Creed!

  4. The facilitator (Manny) was very engaging and responsive to customer needs. Different couples came in a little late , but he helped them get oriented and playing asap. He encouraged all, made suggestions and helped each person gain the full experience. We really enjoyed ourselves and the technology is awesome. We wish him and the company much success. Until the next time…

    James and Denise

  5. I really recommend this for the gamer community, families and friends. It’s an amazing experience and was so fun. Was my first time but I have played a VR before for PlayStation. It’s not complicated and any age would enjoy. There’s a wide variety of games to choose from. On top of that the people working there were so nice and helpful to people who needed a little more help on understanding the functions and controls of the games! Please don’t hesitate, go and have a good time!

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