5 thoughts on “Coldwell Banker Realty – Bethesda Downtown”

  1. The BEST real estate brokerage in Bethesda. Alana Lasover leads the #1 team of #1 agents.

  2. Stay away from Coldwell Banker in Bethesda, MD especially one of its agents, B. P. This agent has no sense of honesty and loyalty as her duties. She hesitated to give us ride and when she did, she always made us uncomfortable with her endless personal questions during our tours. She was shameless enough to not to show us the properties which she could not make “attractive commissions”.

    Gradually, we felt that she was using us to locate good properties in such an unbalanced market. She believed that unlike many other people, we had vision to see potentials in abandoned properties.

    Once we suspected that we had been fooled around when it came to our offers , she overreacted and stated that she could not be available to us for weeks and she removed us from receiving update on the list of properties in the market.

    We had no choice but to fire her after wasting 5 months of our time in house hunting. This agency/branch is not recommended.

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