Virtual Reality 360 Videos for Realtors

What are 360 Videos?

360 videos differ from the regular videos (2-Dimensional) as they are shot in 360 degrees (3-Dimensional) allowing the Viewer to have a more personal panoramic view of a property’s living space and think Wow.

The growth behind the 360-degree video in real estate is huge. 360 Video is both unique and affordable. This post uses the Real Estate business for an example and looks at the 360 video benefits.

There are 2 types of 360 Virtual Tour Visit Videos: –

1. Guided. This is a promotional video shot at 360 degrees. This works well for current properties as Viewers can immediately experience space, depth, and flow (and even share it on Social Media). For properties still in construction, this is an innovative tool for realtors, as they will be able to show unfinished projects leaving little to the imagination.

2. Interactive. This is a Guided Virtual Tour, but this time managed by the Viewer. So, if the Viewer wants to visit the Bedroom and not the Kitchen, he can now control what he sees. The Viewers partner may, however, want to see the Kitchen instead. Interactive takes the virtual visit to the next feel-good experience level.

Both types can be experienced thru a mobile (as well as desktop), via Facebook or YouTube, allowing the viewer to do a walk-thru at his time, pace and location, making a better decision as to whether to visit the property (or not). These videos are known and accepted by the Viewer which is important for the marketing to be successful.

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Why use 360 Videos?

360 video solves 4 issues: –
• Agents must manage the time it takes to go from one visit to the other, dealing with traffic among other factors out of their control.
• The most commonly heard phrase in real estate is, “It doesn’t look like the pictures.”
• Keeping the property in the near Perfect Sales State.
Allows the Realtor to create a Real Estate Sales List

Virtual reality resolves these issues. It offers the possibility for Viewers to virtually visit a lot more homes in a lot less time, focusing their attention on the few properties that really interest them (and not frustrating themselves or the sellers in the process). This increases the realtor’s sales efficiency both in terms of time and seeing more potential buyers. Sellers only must keep the house in ‘Perfect Sales State’ during the Videoing and for real interested Buyers (rather than just time-wasting Viewers). AS Consulting 360 Videos include an opt-in form CTA in their 360 Videos, which help grow the Realtor’s business with hungry interested Homebuyers.

According to Magnifyre research, 25% of video watchers preferred 360-degree video. Homebuyers like 360-degree video tours because they can experience being inside the property before seeing it in person. Homebuyers do like to understand the layout/flow of a house before they inconvenience a seller (and their agent) to show them a home and this helps encourages them to see the listing in person. This is also a very important feature where there are many non-local buyers where 3D is the only way they can see the property. Furthermore, the agent now has time to ensure the preparation of the house in advance.

360-degree Video helps to differentiate the Realtor from the competition as it is still a novel marketing strategy.

AS Consulting offers different packages to help real estate agents promote their properties with 360 Videos. All packages include free support and an embed code for an agent’s website and only differ according to the number of 360 videos produced per month.

Learn more about the benefits of 360-degree video tours for Realtors by contacting us now by Clicking HERE

Simon Weiner, CEO AS Consulting

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360 Videos

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